Mission & Approach

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Design, Green Building Consultancy

Mission Statements

Our Mission is to guide your project toward its highest benefit and use according to your needs. To provide this quality of service, your ideas and goals are carefully considered, and often design ideas are found in your comments which create unexpected benefits for the project, raising it to a higher level. Although traditional styles are fully respected, design begins with the nature of the site and client needs, and improvisation is the means to a unique and vital project. The final design should have continuity, integrity, and reflect your preferences in a way that you will naturally identify with the final project.

Several Key Criteria for Design

What ingredients in the client’s goals would make this project more dynamic and successful?

How open is this plan to changes and improvements in the future?

Is the design fully supporting the use & theme desired?

Will this design support energy self-sufficiency and a healthy interior environment?

How can this space be furnished? How much of the space is circulation or wasted space – can efficiency of space be improved?

Do the spaces in the building flow well between each other and create interesting transitions?

Is this a place where the client could live happily, or if a commercial project, support a thriving business?