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Design, Green Building Consultancy

Profile of Services

• Buildings that “speak to youâ€: Many clients have said this about their project. Keyed to their goals, design seeks a personal, inviting character which will create a unique identity for lasting value. Character results from spaces which flow well together.

• Hands-On Construction Experience : With experience as owner-builder for several complex residential buildings, construction drawings are executed with the trades in mind. Construction questions are usually gauged in terms of hours, not days, to expedite work.

• 35 Years of Leadership in Green Building Design: The bias for Green Building should begin in the overall design process, and the firm invites ways to create healthy interiors, save life cycle costs, and conserve natural resources.

• Design Leadership: This firm has designed several landmark projects locally and statewide which have received many important design awards and coverage by the local press.

• Comprehensive Services: For conventionally framed homes and smaller structures, this is usually a one stop service for many clients, including structural engineering and other specialties. In liaison with Sunplan, the widest variety of in-house services are available in one architectural firm.