• UCSB Marine Biology Center, Arendt, Mosher, Grant Architects ($ 5,800)

  • Marine Biology Center: A Close-Up Showing Line and Color Work

  • Detail of University Plaza for Arendt Mosher Grant, Architects ($6,700)

  • University Plaza Shopping Center: Close-Up of Line & Color Work

  • Basic Pencil Sketch for Kaptur-Ricciardi, Architects, Palm Desert

  • Sketch for Plaza Linda Vista, 1525 State Street, Santa Barbara ($ 2,700)

  • Plaza Linda Vista: A Close-Up of Line and Color Work


Hand crafted presentation sketches are offered on a time available basis, providing an old-school. personalized presentation which has more appeal than machine-generated electronic media. Media choices include pencil, ink line, pastel, watercolor, marker and colored pencil, as is appropriate. Well drafted ink linework provides a credible representation of both the form and detail so precious to the design undertaking, greatly favored by good designers and architects. Work is billed on a time basis, and current values are shown in parentheses.