A drawing of two different elevations of a house.

Other Projects

Hollyhock Inn, Deer Harbor Rd., Orcas Island, Washington, for Dorothy Graham:
A small bed & breakfast remodel design in a wooded setting.

Residence for Olevsky Construction, Baker Lane, Goleta, CA:
Design drawings for a Spanish Colonial two story 3,700 sf.residence on a sloped site. Currently for sale. Photo above, completed July ‘08.

In-N-Out Burger:
Feasibility Studies for Atascadero, Goleta and Santa Maria Building Sites and Governmental Processing.

Soldier Ridge Subdivision at Fort Seldon, Las Cruces, New Mexico:
27 lots on a 13 acre desert parcel, planned for mountain views and solar orientation. For Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bailey and Family of Mission Viejo.

Village Green, Riverside Blvd., Norfolk, Nebraska:
A 7 acre, 78 unit townhouse complex for Timm Construction, Santa Barbara. 138,600 sf.