• Angled walls give relief to the Reception Room, with mahogany floors accenting cool wall colors

  • Hardwood paneled wainscots and mouldings and irregular plan create a residential atmosphere

  • The Interior Reception has an adjunct patient counter, varied plan enlivening a small space

  • The Laboratory, with State Street views and interior windows to the Operatories

  • The Doctor's Office, with Interior Window to the Reception, colonial cornice and window trim

  • Custom Overhead Light Panel and Cabinets at an Operatory

Dental Office for Dr. Greg Lowry, DDS

A residential interior with traditional mouldings at all doors, windows and wall crowns, in only 1,000 sf. at 1525 State Street, Santa Barbara. The color palette relaxes patients and creates a serene atmosphere, yet a reddish, rich mahogany floor acts as a counterpoint, creating a more lively entry. Two operatories and a formal laboratory served the original client, Dr. Robert Simon, DDS. of Fullerton. Angular surfaces animate the reception area, and enliven the small rectangular floor plan.