Family Medical Center, Plaza Linda Vista, 1525 State Street, Santa Barbara. A 3, 400 sf. medical clinic for Ron Biscaro, of Foundation Corp.
Dental Clinic for Dr. Robert Simon, DDS. in Fullerton, using similar design strategies to #1, above. About 2,000 sf. with several operatories.
Mental Health Management of Pacific Shores Hospital, 1919 State Street, Santa Barbara : a 3, 000 sf. mental health facility tenant remodel.
Medgroup Physical Therapy Center, 21 West Mission Street, Santa Barbara. A 4,000 sf. Physical Therapy Center with calm colors.
Sherman Ltd. Care Facility: A 33,000 sf. 89 bed nursing / urgent care facility & seven homes in Carpinteria. Design Approval
Dr. Steven Mascagno, DDS.: 2780 State Street, Santa Barbara. 1#