• The north side of the house expresses simple lines and a corner view window of the mountains

  • The southeast approach, Trombe Wall passive heat collection system on the left, Entry right

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Relis: An Early Case Study

Featured on the cover of Sunset Magazine in the mid 70's, this simple, compact two story home on Puesta del Sol, Santa Barbara, was the first Trombe Wall house on the South Coast, and was an important pioneering effort for passive solar, via a south-facing fiberglass sheathed Trombe wall. The Trombe wall syphons heat air rising in front of the blackened masonry wall to be heated naturally and pulled into the house at the top of the wall. The house performed well, yet questions surfaced as to the need and cost for the Trombe wall system vs. simple solar gain through windows and doors, which also would have provided light and views. Irv Thomas, Engineering Consultant. Allen Associates, Contractor.