• A Buffet from a Classic Truck Bed at the Dining Entry is a transition from retail to dining

  • A simplified ship's dining interior invites with arched ceilings larger groups, meetings

  • Small Dining Bays with Residential, Nautical Character add a visual change of pace for dining

  • A Warehouse Entry through sales displays builds atmosphere for Marie Callendar dining

A Theme Market Enclave En Route to the Dining Area

Interior remodel of a 4,000 sf. shell building for "Hank" Eaton in Pismo Beach on Highway 1, with a "country store" of related commercial and a ship's cabin rear dining area, a reference to the shoreline location. Skylights highlight the approach and display "merchandise", enlivening the transition to the dining area. A great deal of coordination of old artifacts and many themes. This project creates variety and adventure in a relatively limited area, which keeps the customers coming. Michael Bruce, Co-Architect.