• A Provencale exterior, sans circular awning designed for the Entry, belies the varied interiors

  • The central Dining Room is daylit by an existing clearstory: views to the interior dining court

  • Several Dining alcoves provide more intimate surround, suitable for groups & large families

A Provencale Theme for the Exterior & Entry

A 4,800 sf. remodel of an existing retail building at 3940 E. Main Street, Ventura and winner of a Ventura Beautiful Award. The exterior was designed in a Mediterranean theme, with a round canvas awning at the entry, unfortunately now gone. Inside, an existing clearstory window was retained to give daylighting and spaciousness to the main dining area, while adjoining dining areas were provided with large window areas towards Main Street on one side, and a bank of French doors onto the large new rear patio on the other.